New Initiative Grant

The Commission On Congregational Life assists congregations and community of faith/practice to be viable Episcopal presences in their respective context by:

Helping communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to all.

Initiating and encouraging the founding of new congregations and communities of faith/practice utilizing the hallmarks of health as its guideline.

Aiding the growth and change of existing congregations and communities of faith/practice and celebrating life therein utilizing the hallmarks of health.

Assisting the closing and relocation of congregations and communities of faith/practice as may prove necessary.

The Commission on Congregational Life will award grants to congregations in the Diocese of Southern Ohio for new and innovative projects that address local challenges and promote connections between other churches and community agencies. Grants will be awarded for a one-year period to develop and operate innovative projects that improve outreach, recruitment, retention and other community needs. Priority will be given to congregations with a demonstrated relationship and capacity to successfully partner with key stakeholders in their communities.

The amount of money awarded for a New Initiative Grant can vary as well as the time of year that the money is given. In most cases the grant is nonrenewable and given for only one year; however, if results and/or an annual report indicate a need for an additional year, consideration can be given for an extension which will be subject to the availability of funds.

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