The Mercer Elementary Boys and Girls Club was created in May 2014 after attending the annual Greater Cincinnati Boys and Club Blue Door Bash.  One of the attendees who works at Mercer was so touched by the Youth of the Year Speaker, she made it her mission to help our at risk kids at Mercer.

Mercer Elementary is located in Anderson Township.  Most people assume that the township is one of the more affluent areas in Greater Cincinnati.  While that is mostly true, there are pockets of poverty and dis function that rival any inner city area.  A large percentage of these at risk children attend Mercer Elementary.

Due to some hard work, luck, and quite a bit of divine intervention, the Mercer Boys and Girls Club started operation in February 2015.  As there were no funds set aside to run the Club, St Timothy’s Church stepped up to help fund the spring classes.  In addition to no funds, Mercer Elementary has a unique disadvantage of requiring busing to get to and from school.  Because of this issue, we were very desperate for help.  Due in part to the great gift of the grant, I am happy to say that the Mercer Boys and Girls Club has been running three days a week for the entire school year. For three hours after school ends, the club is helping 40 children improve socially, scholastically and provides a safe and nurturing environment.

Our success has been noticed as we have been contacted by the Forest Hills School Board to look at duplicating the program at other schools.  In addition, the Club has been asked to move to four days per week instead of three to better help those who need it the most.

The funds you provided have helped immeasurably to insure the success of the club and would welcome you to come see the magic that is happening at Mercer.

With deepest appreciation,

Rick Rothhaas
Co-Founder, Mercer Boys and Girls Club

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