The Commission on Congregational Life

The Commission on Congregational Life (CoCL) is a group of involved and innovative Diocesan leaders, canonically accountable to Bishop Breidenthal and the Diocese of Southern Ohio for ensuring that the Diocese’s congregations are healthy, joyous, and productive. The CoCL provides guidance and programming for the Diocese’s congregations in order to sustain congregational vitality.

CoCL members liaison with congregational clients, meeting periodically to stay informed of the congregation’s needs and providing direct consultative support. The liaisons serve as informed advocates for congregations seeking assistance as well as also informing CoCL when the commission should consider offering alternatives other than financial grants.

During the past few years, The Commission on Congregational Life has established a transformational process to redefine its grant rewarding and relationships with the Diocese of Southern Ohio’s missions and parishes. The commission has developed and exercises leadership on supporting congregational and new initiative financial requests using a variety of metrics to evaluate factors for accepting, revising, or rejecting requests for financial support.


Ideas & Best Practices